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What is the key to finding the ultimate match between a job candidate and a company?

Candidates are increasingly looking for more than just a paycheck when considering job opportunities. They want to work for companies that align with their values, beliefs, and career goals.

On the other hand, companies are looking for more than just technical skills when hiring. They also consider the candidate’s fit with the company’s culture and values, candidate’s attitude, work ethic, ability to colaborate with others, and potential for growth and development.

When a candidate’s values align with those of the company, they are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work. Additionally, they are more likely to stay with the organization for a longer period of time, which can provide more job stability and career growth opportunities. Working in an environment where personal values are aligned with the company’s values can also lead to better work‑life balance and better mental and emotional well‑being.

At Alas, we are making efforts to achieve this through our thorough employer branding strategy.

What employer branding has to do with it?

Employer branding is the process of creating and maintaining a positive image of an organization as an employer. It is built on a foundation of strong values, a clear vision, and a commitment to providing a supportive and conducive workplace.

Employer branding is also closely linked to recruitment. We understand the importance of employer branding and have made it a top priority in our recruitment and retention strategies.

colorful circle diagram with 4 company practices employer branding is crucial for: recruitment strategy (recognising talent, values-fit, culture-contribution, onboarding), social media (creating positive image, communicating values and vision, brand's voice), retainment methods (learning opportunities, support in professional growth, regular feedback, improvements in organization), company culture (mission, vision, values, people).

One of the ways we have built our employer brand is by clearly communicating our values and vision to our employees and potential candidates. It was achieved by being transparent about what it’s like to work at Alas and sharing this information as a part of our marketing strategy.

Likewise, the company understands and values employees’ goals. We regularly seek feedback from our employees and use that feedback to make improvements in the workplace. Open communication enables us to gain valuable insights, discover creative solutions, and pursue our goals together.

Our “values fit and culture contribution” hiring approach

A team with shared values is a team that can work together effectively and efficiently, and move mountains.

To ensure that we are bringing on individuals who fit with our values, we have implemented a “values fit and culture contribution” hiring approach. This approach involves not only evaluating a candidate’s qualifications and experience but also assessing how well their personal values align with those of our company.

It is crucial to not only assess if a candidate or employee aligns with the values and beliefs of the organization but also to consider the unique contributions they can bring to the company. Diverse perspectives and ideas can lead to innovation and growth. Additionally, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate individuals who not only embody the company’s values but actively work to strengthen them through their actions and energy. This is why we choose the “culture contribution” over the “culture fit” approach.

Both values fit and culture contribution are important for the hiring process because a candidate who aligns with both of them will be more likely to be a successful and long‑term employee in the company.

How do we estimate if a candidate suits us?

Our recruitment strategy is closely tied to our employer branding efforts. We use it to share our company culture, values, and opportunities for growth with potential candidates. We do this through:

1. Clearly defining the requirements needed for the job and communicating company culture and values

We are making sure that the company’s values and mission statement are clearly communicated on the company’s website and in job postings. This helps potential candidates understand the company’s culture and values even before they apply.

2. Looking for evidence of values in a candidate’s past experiences

Reviewing a candidate’s past experiences, such as previous job responsibilities, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities, helps us see if they have demonstrated values that align with the company’s values.

3. Conducting in‑person or online interviews to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s qualifications and fit with the company

This means considering the values fit and work style of the candidate during the interview process and trying to understand how they would contribute to our company culture and the team.

We do this by asking interview questions that allow candidates to share their values. For example, we sometimes ask a candidate how they would handle a situation that goes against the company’s values.

4. Providing adequate onboarding

Adequate onboarding and training are essential to help new employees adapt to the company culture and expectations. It includes providing an overview of company policies and procedures, introducing them to their team and other colleagues, and providing training on specific skills or tools needed for their job. Candidates go through this process easier with the help of an assigned onboarding buddy and the generous support of the whole team.

5. A probation period to evaluate the candidate’s performance and fit before making a final decision

This period typically lasts for 3 months and allows us to assess the employee’s skills, work ethic, and compatibility with the company culture and, based on that, decide whether to extend the contract. The probation period also allows the employee to determine if the job and company are a good fit for them before making a final decision.

By taking a comprehensive and thorough approach, we are increasing the chances of finding the best fit for both the candidate and the company. We make sure to continuously assess and evaluate our hiring process to ensure that we are bringing in the right people.

How to estimate if a company suits you?

By considering the company culture as a potential employee, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether or not to accept a job offer and will be more likely to find a workplace where you will be happy and fulfilled.

Here are some helpful actions you can take to get the whole picture of the company.

Visit the company’s website

The ‘About us’ and ‘What we do’ pages serve as a window into the heart of the organization. It offers an opportunity to learn about the company’s history, mission, and values. Through these pages, you can discover the company’s key milestones, the products and services it offers, and the talented individuals who lead it forward. You can gain a deeper understanding of the company’s unique identity, culture, and reputation, and see why it stands out from the rest.

Examine the social media profiles of a company

Exploring a company’s social media profiles is like peeking behind the curtain and getting a glimpse into its unique character. By perusing its pages on networks like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s personality, and the way it communicates with its audience. This information can give you a sense of the work environment and the values that guide the company, helping you determine if they align with your own.

Learn about salaries and reviews

Reviews from current and former employees can provide valuable insights into overall employee satisfaction. Learning about salaries and reviews of a company you are interested in working for can help you determine if the compensation offered is competitive and in line with your expectations. Please be mindful that the information on those websites may not always be reliable, as it is provided by individuals and not by company representatives.

Inquire about the company culture during the interview

Asking about the company culture gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company, its employees, and what it’s like to work there beyond just the responsibilities of the job. Maybe you’re curious about how the teams work. Perhaps you simply want to make sure you have the right work‑life balance. Never be hesitant to bring up any culture queries you may have during the interview.

Consider your personal values and career goals

When choosing a company to work for, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on what truly matters to you and what you hope to achieve in your career. By considering your personal values and career goals, you can ensure that the company you choose aligns with the things that are most important to you.

Are we the perfect match?

Are you evaluating if we’re the ideal fit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let us provide you with all the information you need to make a confident decision.

It’s wise that you get prepared for the initial interview in advance. You should familiarize yourself with our company culture and values. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of who we are and what we stand for. In addition to that, you can also navigate our website and uncover more about the essence of our company. Furthermore, you’ll have a better understanding of the kind of services we offer.

Take a moment to delve into our case studies and explore the types of projects we undertake. Discover the wide range of clients we work with and the industries we serve. This will give you insights into the diversity of our work and how we make a difference for our clients.

We invite you to take a look at our Upwork profile, which has earned top ratings in the software QA field. You’ll find unbiased reviews from some of our satisfied clients there. This way you will get an idea of what it’s like to work with us and what kind of results we’ve achieved for our clients.

Speaking of reviews, another great resource to check out is our company profile on HelloWorld. This platform is a great place to find reviews from past/current employees and candidates who have gone through our hiring process.

Finally, to get an even more comprehensive look into our company culture and what it’s like to work with us, be sure to visit our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook profiles. By doing so, you will be able to get a sense of the energy and enthusiasm that our team brings to the workplace every day.

Whether you’re considering us as a potential employer or just curious about what we do, taking the time to research is a great way to come to a well‑informed conclusion about us.

And we are looking forward to getting to know more about You!

Jelena Obradovic

Jelena Obradovic

As our employer branding specialist, Jelena infuses our culture, values, and mission into all aspects of our HR and marketing strategies, ensuring a consistent and positive representation of our brand. She, herself, embodies all the qualities we hold dear and has a magic way with words. That is why we call her “the voice of our company”.

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