We are always looking for individuals that are passionate, kind, and joyful in their pursuit of success.
Workshop about testing in a pleasent homely meeting space.
Two collegues playing sony playstation and drinking martini.
Developers writing code at a workshop in an office with big painting of a native american on the wall.
Roleplay between three collegues at a workshop in a pleasent homey atmosphere.
Two elegant young women taking photos of their coctails at an office party in the garden.
Six collegues laughing and playing jungle speed at the office party.
Young people mingling at a christmas office party.
Young professionals in halloween masks at the office party.
Company employees and a kid posing in nature, dressed in laser tag geer.
Two young women laughing and driving in a golf cart at a company event.


We take great pride in our culture
We are not corporate. We were founded as a small family company, and although we have significantly grown, our business approach still integrates family values. Our employees are participants in decision‑making, as their opinions, initiatives, and ideas are always heard and welcomed.
With our personal approach we help employees achieve their full potential by taking into account their strengths and aspirations, finding the right place in the company for them, and supporting and guiding them in the journey of professional self‑actualization.


Cherrished employee is the best employee

We work in a homey atmosphere, without cubicles and open space areas, with enough comfortable room for peace and quiet, and a friendly and fun atmosphere to relax. We develop fantastic software solutions while also learning some fairly practical skills, consuming delicious coffee, and playing PS5, darts, table tennis, and board games.

Everybody is given the freedom and flexibility to create a healthy work-life balance that reflects the demands of their lifestyles while enabling them to work as productively as possible.

Some of the perks our employees enjoy

  • at the office, hybrid, or remote work models
  • flexible work hours
  • snacks & drinks
  • sponsored lunch
  • Friday bar once a month
  • massage therapies
  • small gym
  • plenty of outdoor spaces
  • English/German language courses
  • Udemy & other courses
  • corporate gifts
  • customized bonus
  • team buildings
  • investment in your ideas
  • yearly performance and salary reviews

Hiring Process

How to join us?
We strive to have a bureaucracy- and ego‑free hiring process that provides a welcoming experience for new employees. It’s impossible to test everything with interviews and general tests, so instead of overcomplicating the process itself, if a candidate seems like a good fit, we take them on for a trial period of 3 months, with an extension being discussed after 2 months.

1. Application

Detailed descriptions for current job openings are available on our website. Our HR representative will get in touch with you to set up a time for the next step if you are a qualified applicant.

2. Initial Interview

This is a chance to introduce yourself. You will get more information about the company, our culture, benefits, and opportunities for professional development. A part of the interview is conducted in English.

3. Test Assignment

Each applicant is given a test assignment that should be completed from home with a deadline of 2‑5 days, depending on the position for which you are applying.

4. Technical Interview

You will get the opportunity to talk to our seniors from the field and showcase your skills.

5. Final Interview

Here, you can go over the final details with our top management. If everything goes well, you can expect an offer soon after.


Support from day one
During the onboarding process, you won’t be alone because you’ll be surrounded by experienced coworkers who are eager to assist and share their knowledge. Additionally, you will be assigned an onboarding buddy who will guide you through the process and is always accessible for feedback, consultation, and assistance.
General onboarding to the company aims to facilitate the process of a coworker’s introduction to the protocols, rules, and projects of the company on the one hand, and on the other, to provide feedback on a candidate’s capabilities to follow the team dynamics and project requirements.

Current job openings

Automated QA Engineer

IT system administrator / DevOps Engineer

JavaScript Frontend Software Developer

Visual Designer