Our story

The beginning

The story of ALAS begins in 1988 when computer science was just finding its footing in Serbia. Sandor Somogyi and Dragan Nedeljkovic, the advocates of the application of computer technology, have joined forces with some of the most important IT developers in Zrenjanin, and founded the company that has become the symbol of change, a synonym of modern times, and the correct way of incorporating and developing information technologies in large agricultural and manufacturing systems.
An old photo of the team of developers who founded Alas company.

Modern times

The new era of ALAS began in 2009, when Vilmos Somogyi, Sandor’s son, took over as the CEO. Together with Tibor Dudjik, they shifted the company’s focus to outsourcing IT services while upholding the primary ideology of finding the best way to integrate the most recent information technologies into all industries, prioritizing quality, and fostering a welcoming workplace environment for them and their coworkers.
Business meeting with clients in an office.

The company today

Nowadays, Alas is located in Novi Sad, Serbia, with more than 50 experts from different fields on board. Although the company has significantly grown, it has still kept its non‑corporate, people‑focused approach, home‑like atmosphere, and family values at its core. We have clients from all over the world thanks to our enthusiasm for innovation and dedication to quality. With our knowledge and experience, we successfully handle even the most demanding projects in the financial, accounting, and healthcare sectors - fields with zero tolerance for errors.
Co-founders Vilmos Somogyi and Tibor Dudjik standing in front of the new Alas logo and company values mural on the wall.

Our mission

We provide more than expertise
Our mission is to provide our clients with next‑level service, which includes not just deep domain expertise, but also a sense of ownership and responsibility. We cultivate a culture of loyal and committed colleagues who care and are cared for.

Our values
Our values and culture are extremely important to us, as we believe that only an environment that is supportive and collaborative can help us accomplish our maximum.

Our main focus is on people’s needs, dreams, and pain points. They guide us as we try to solve their problems, offer advice, set the direction, and create the optimal work model.
Two women helping a man reach a star by holding a leader for him.

Steady but slow and controlled growth is our chosen path. Every change is met by an adequate organization and a period of adaptation, taking care that the quality of work is not affected.
A man and a woman discussing a growth chart.

No matter how big or small the project, we are devoted to giving our very best, maintaining rigorous standards, and holding ourselves accountable for the results. We take great care to fully grasp our client’s needs and see the whole picture.
A man makes sure that everything is top quality on different devices and gives a quality quarantee.

Our employees are given the freedom and flexibility to build a responsible work‑life model that reflects the needs of their unique lifestyles while still enabling them to achieve maximum productivity.
An employee leaving his desk with an inflatable mattress under his arm and going to the beach.

Not having our focus on “culture fit” but on “values fit” and “culture contribution” helps us hire people who share our goals, not necessarily our viewpoints or backgrounds. Our philosophy is that bringing your authentic self to work, helps build a vibrant community that can move mountains.
Men and women of different age and race holding hands and posing for a photo.

We are aware that our best work is not produced by individuals but by collaboration, dependability of each member, putting “us” before “me”, selfless knowledge sharing, everyday encouragement, and support. We thrive in a positive environment where everybody’s heard and understood.
Team members putting up together a flag with a target illustration on it.

In everything we do and with everyone we do business with, we act with uncompromising honesty and integrity. This specifically means transparent communication, respecting deadlines and budgets, being upfront when errors occur, and taking ownership of everything we do.
Two smiling businessmen shaking hands.

People who strive for bigger and better things, and who put extra effort into their individual growth are very precious to us. We are here to guide them on their road to success, empower them to reach their full potential, and shift to a growth mindset.
A young woman, surrounded by flowers, watering herself.

An environment with less stress and more positive energy is what we all strive for. Alas is about giving everybody their space and a distraction‑free environment, as well as opportunities for fun, relaxation, and socializing.
Young people dancing at the party.

Why clients choose us
We are committed to providing our very best effort, upholding rigorous standards, and accepting responsibility for the outcomes, regardless of how big or small the project is.

Proven track record

  • experience with a variety of industries
  • clients from all over the world
  • 17+ years in the business

Long‑term partnerships

  • uncompromising honesty and integrity
  • open communication
  • thorough documentation

Young and creative

  • original approach
  • using the most effective tools and techniques
  • keeping up with IT trends

Being proactive

  • offering new ideas
  • suggesting more efficient approaches
  • producing more value

Always improving

  • a culture of ongoing learning
  • dedicated time for
  • constant knowledge sharing

Quality over quantity

  • hiring only the most talented developers and testers
  • not over booking our staff
  • careful project selection