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How to build a culture that matches your brand?

What’s the deal with company culture?

Company culture is all about the way a company treats its employees and the overall atmosphere and values of the company. It includes how employees interact with each other, the explicit and implicit rules they follow, and how the company supports both their professional and personal growth. A strong company culture should reflect the core values of the organization and attract people who don’t necessarily have the same beliefs and backgrounds, but share common goals and ethical principles.

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How has our company culture evolved?

Think of company culture as the driving force behind an organization, like the powerful engine that fuels a sleek sports car. Neglecting to cultivate and sustain a culture that embodies your company’s vision and aspirations is akin to neglecting the engine of that car. Without proper attention and upkeep, both will sputter and stall, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. To keep your company soaring, it’s crucial to actively ignite and rev up a culture that mirrors your company’s objectives and beliefs.

At the inception of our company, our cultural compass was set, pointing us towards the unique, non‑corporate environment we dreamed of creating. But as our team grew and expanded, we realized we needed a sturdy framework to keep our culture rooted in our values. Upon reaching the 50‑employee milestone, we took a step back to pen our beliefs and infuse them into every aspect of our operations, much like constructing the foundation of a magnificent estate, carefully laying each brick with purpose and precision.

Our team united for dynamic and sometimes intense discussions to review our company’s core values, objectives, and purpose. Although the journey was not without its challenges, it allowed us to realign and reinforce our cultural foundation. Through a proactive approach of gathering employee feedback, taking a comprehensive view from employees of other companies, and tackling any obstacles with determination, we crafted our culture into a reflection of our team’s passions and goals.

Our mission was to break free from the constraints of a stifling, conventional corporate culture with its rigid dress codes and oppressive regulations. Our goal was to foster an environment where individuality thrived and where professional and personal growth were highly supported. Our passion is to provide every team member with the resources and support they need to excel in their areas of interest, not just technically, but through investment in their capabilities as well.

The next step in our evolution was the redesign of the physical workspace - creating a physical workspace that is not only inviting and comfortable but also allows for a relaxed dress code where employees can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable, even if that means trading in their dress shoes for a cozy pair of slippers. Meeting rooms were transformed into playful spaces that promote relaxation, fun, and creative thinking. And for those needing a more focused environment, soundproof “cubes” equipped with the latest technology for meetings and work were created. We’re shaking things up and making the office feel like a true home away from home.

Pleasant meeting space with colorful wallpaper, beenbags and armchairs.

Why settle for less when it comes to our remote team? Remote workers are supported just as much as in‑office employees with a comfortable workspace which is reserved for them when they come to visit and work from the office.

Our office space is completed with perks like a small gym, healthy snacks, and fresh fruits to keep them energized and focused. Every employee, regardless of location, is made to feel fully integrated into the company culture and valued as a vital member of the team.

Fostering a fun and enjoyable work environment is just as important as fostering a productive one. That’s why the space promotes activities like monthly Friday bars, table tennis tournaments, and gaming sessions on a PS5 to let loose and bond. This balance of work and play improves morale and team spirit and helps increase productivity and creativity.

Two young men playing video games and eating snacks; one is in a Rambo halloween mask.

But crafting a great culture isn’t just about creating a positive work environment, it’s also about hiring the right people. That’s why, when it comes to the hiring process, we’re flipping the script by placing equal emphasis on a candidate’s values and cultural contribution as we do on their skills and experience. After all, what good are qualifications if they don’t align with the company’s mission and values? And what good is a perfect fit if they lack the skills to perform the job? Together, these factors are the key ingredients for not just a successful employee but a long‑term one as well.

It wasn’t always easy to put these values into practice, but we were committed to making it happen. We made changes and took the necessary steps to ensure that our culture aligned with our values. It took time and effort, but it was worth it to create a company where everyone feels truly at home.

Recent changes have been met with great enthusiasm and truly reflect the core values and principles of the company. Constantly looking for new ways to improve, the company has been pushing the boundaries and taking bold steps to align the culture with the values. We are not satisfied with just being okay, we’re aiming for greatness. Therefore, we will keep pushing, challenging the status quo, and striving to build a culture that truly reflects who we are and what we believe in.

Creating a culture that aligns with our values and goals is a constant effort, one that requires constant vigilance to ensure that our company culture doesn’t devolve into a cutthroat environment where only the ruthless thrive. This is why we make it a priority to regularly take a step back and assess the pulse of the culture. By transparently communicating our values, mission, and vision, we empower our team to not just survive, but to thrive in a culture that aligns with their own personal values and goals. Together, we’re building a culture that’s not just good for business, but good for the soul. And it’s not just talk; every aspect of our business - from how we interact with one another and our clients to the layout of our meeting rooms and company’s website - reflects our values. Visitors are greeted with a visual representation of our values as soon as they step foot in the door, serving as a constant reminder of the principles that drive us to be better.

Fostering the culture you desire

Each company is like a fingerprint‑distinct and unique. To build a strong and successful company culture, there are guidelines that can be followed. We have developed a universal “game plan” that can help you create a culture that is truly your own, and sets your company apart from the rest.

STEP ONE: Defining the core beliefs and values

To establish a unique and successful company culture, it is important to first define your company’s vision, mission, and core values that will serve as a guide for all decision‑making. These values should be distinct and unwavering.

STEP TWO: Gaining employee insights

It is crucial to take action in order to identify and address any pain points within your company’s culture. This can be achieved by conducting regular interviews with your employees and gathering their input and feedback. Additionally, it is important to research and analyze the perspectives and reviews of employees from other companies in order to gain a well‑rounded understanding and make informed decisions for your own company culture.

STEP THREE: Crafting solutions that align with company goals and vision

Once pain points have been identified, the next step is to develop solutions that align with the company’s priorities and provide immediate and long‑term results. It is important to consider how these solutions will align with the current culture and the overall vision of the company.

STEP FOUR: Bringing ideas to life

It’s time to set the wheels in motion! The adjustments made will be contingent on various factors, such as resources and priorities. There isn’t a one‑size‑fits‑all strategy that works for everyone; it will be tailored to the specific company and its existing culture. A tried‑and‑true method is to kick off the changes with the recruitment process.

STEP FIVE: Communicating company’s identity

Ensure that your company’s principles and values shine through your marketing efforts. This will make sure that potential and current employees, as well as clients, are aware of your company’s identity and core values. The most suitable candidates will investigate your company and its values before applying to confirm that they are in tune with their own principles.

STEP SIX: Evaluating the outcome of changes

The aim of this step is to determine the impact of the changes on customers, employees, and the company culture overall. It is vital to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented actions.

STEP SEVEN: Culture’s evolution

Creating and maintaining a strong company culture is an ongoing endeavor that demands constant attention and commitment from every level of the organization. Managers and leaders should walk the talk and serve as exemplars. To keep the culture thriving, discipline and support from all members are essential.

Building a thriving company: The power of matching culture and values

Creating a strong and positive company culture is not just a nice‑to‑have, it’s a must‑have. When a company’s culture aligns with the values and beliefs of its employees, it can create a sense of harmony and contentment among the workforce. This can lead to higher productivity, job satisfaction, and a deeper commitment to the company.

A culture that promotes transparency, teamwork, creativity, and a sense of community can keep employees motivated, engaged, and connected. But, on the other hand, a culture that doesn’t align with employees’ values can have the opposite effect, leading to dissatisfaction, high turnover rates, and low morale. By actively aligning the company culture with the company’s core values, it can foster trust, long‑term commitment, and a sense of purpose among employees.

A company culture is not just a set of values and goals, it is the very essence of the company, the DNA that shapes the behavior and attitude of the employees, it’s the heartbeat of the company, and without it, the company is dead in the water.

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