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Accelerating the process from ideation to realization

About the client

As a global social media management and analytics leader, our client collaborates with renowned brands and agencies worldwide. Their innovative software solutions are designed to capture, comprehend, and disseminate insights derived from millions of conversations across the web and other platforms, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

Thanks to their advanced technology and expertise, our client is a trusted partner to businesses across industries looking to stay ahead of the curve in the digital landscape.

Client’s challenges

As a leading provider of social analytics software, their goal is to become a world leader in this industry. To get there, the company needs the best experts on board, which can be a difficult task.

Recent trends indicate that there is a growing disparity between the skills that employers are seeking in potential employees and the skill sets possessed by job applicants. This mismatch poses significant challenges for employers, especially when seeking individuals with expertise in the latest technologies and a passion for their work, as well as a strong sense of ownership. These were precisely the requirements that our client emphasized.

As this is our strong suit, we were able to help our client overcome these challenges. We handpicked the perfect experts for the positions in backend and frontend development and have provided a full software QA team to ensure top‑notch quality.

Our approach

Our professional journey with this client began more than a decade ago and today we provide them with a wide range of services to help them achieve the goal of becoming a global leader in social analytics.

Initially, they hired us for manual and automation testing, recognizing our expertise in these areas. As we worked with diligence and dedication, we demonstrated our capabilities and proved to be an asset to the company. Therefore, we were entrusted with the responsibility of frontend and backend development too.

Our team has contributed to the development of a complex web application, with a plethora of backend microservices to support it. In addition to building the software, we have created a complete testing environment, including a fully functional test framework to ensure quality assurance at every step of the process.

Streamlining workflows and increase efficiency with Agile and Kanban

The Agile approach helps us to stay nimble and responsive to our client’s needs, ensuring that we are always working towards the most impactful goals and deliverables.

By breaking down work into smaller, manageable tasks and visualizing each stage of the development process on a Kanban board, we can quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks, prioritize work, and improve the overall flow of the development process.

Backend development

Currently, we are focused on developing new APIs and features, which we test rigorously before release. To ensure the best possible results, we collaborate with client developers from all over the world, combining our expertise to create cutting‑edge innovations.

Maintenance is also a significant part of our work, as we strive to keep the software up‑to‑date and running smoothly.

Our team of experts uses a variety of tools and platforms, such as AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Solr, and Jenkins, to build and maintain features. Additionally, Grafana and Elasticsearch are used for monitoring services.

Writing and maintaining documentation is an important aspect of our services.

We recognize that software development is an ongoing process, and documentation needs to be updated regularly to reflect changes in the application and its environment.

Frontend development

When it comes to frontend services, we build scalable, framework‑agnostic UI components using WebComponents, such as buttons, text boxes, forms, and other user interface components that allow users to interact with the application. WebComponents are encapsulated, meaning that they don’t interfere with the rest of the application and can be used across multiple frameworks and libraries.

Accessibility is an important consideration. Therefore, all UI components were designed and coded up to the latest accessibility standards.

Quality assurance

We specialize in writing automation test cases for REST and RPC APIs, as well as other event‑driven backend services. By performing regular performance testing on backend services, we help our client ensure that their application is running efficiently and that it can handle a high volume of requests, thereby improving the user experience and minimizing the risk of issues or downtime.

Maintaining EC2 instances and Kubernetes services in dev/QA/stage environments is an essential part of ensuring that software applications function correctly and efficiently.

We have extensive experience in writing automation tests using Cypress and Selenium, popular testing frameworks for frontend web applications. End-to-end testing (e2e) is critical to ensuring that the application is working seamlessly from the user’s perspective and that all parts of the system work together effectively. In addition to e2e tests, we also use Cypress and Selenium for component testing. By testing individual components in isolation, we can ensure that each piece of the application functions as expected before it is integrated with the rest of the system. This approach helps us identify and fix issues early in the development process, reducing the overall time and effort required for testing and troubleshooting.

To ensure our code is always up-to-date and error-free, we add tests to existing CI/CD pipelines and use GitHub actions or Jenkins to create new CI/CD environments.

Value delivered

Our team works tirelessly to develop and test new features, provide maintenance and support, and ensure that the software we build is of the highest quality.

We have worked closely with our client to understand its needs and requirements and have developed a complete testing environment to ensure that the software performs as expected. With the test framework in place, we can identify and address any issues or bugs early in the development process, preventing them from impacting the final product’s quality.

By documenting our work thoroughly and transparently, we ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page and that the project progresses smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

By accelerating the process from ideation to realization and shortening the time to market, we have thereby secured an advantage over the competition. With our help, our client is well on its way to becoming a leader in the social analytics industry.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with this client and helping them achieve their ambitious goals in the years to come.

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