What we do

We save our clients’ time and money

by providing experienced and devoted experts, as well as in‑depth analyses and consulting on improving software development and QA processes

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Augmenting development teams with experienced experts

We can provide both staff augmentation and dedicated teams, depending on your needs.

Our competent and reliable frontend and backend developers can help your ideas come to life and create top quality web solutions.

Our DevOps engineers are experienced in providing a set of flexible services designed to enable you to build and deliver products faster and more reliably.

From assessments and consulting to actual implementations, we deliver the most powerful development solutions.

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Providing full software quality assurance

Worldwide software development teams recognize our brand, WeDoQA, as a reputable international supplier of QA services. Our experience with a variety of technologies guarantees that you have access to the finest options for any type of project.

After the initial assessment, we offer free off charge advice on the best way to incorporate QA into your development process. With our dedication to clear communication, we know the questions to ask to hit the ground running.

Service packages vary per client’s needs, from manual and automated quality assurance, QA lead, project consulting to full project management.

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Consulting and project management for full empowerment

In the fast pace of the IT industry, we are devoted to helping our clients use their resources as efficiently as possible.

Quality is our top priority, not just the quality of the end product but also the quality of the entire process and collaboration. We are passionate about making your ideas come to life while taking the business side of the project into account too.

We can assist at any stage of the development process and work with your team within any type of project management methodology including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and traditional.

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Technologies we excel in

We nurture our best practices but always keep up with the newest technologies.


Our approach
Each project is unique and requires a customized strategy, but what guides us through every communication and relationship is our in‑depth domain experience, thoroughness in everything we do, transparency, and taking the human aspect into account. These are just a few of the values we uphold and live by every day.
number one

Initial assessment

Understanding your needs, goals, and pain points through a detailed interview and in‑depth research

number two

Customized plan

Translating goals into concrete steps with detailed technical specifications, based on our expertise

number three

Choosing talent

With crucial technical requirements defined, we are choosing the most suitable talent for your project

number four


You, as a client, are presenting the project and together we are defining the specific tasks that will be performed

number five


Doing the actual work, complemented with ongoing transparent communication and regular reporting

number six

Agile adaptation

Staying on top of things and adaptable when plans change, whether it is about the requirements or the team structure

Our company’s founders have more than 17 years of experience in each stage of the development and testing processes and are proficient in the procedures themselves. They are the ones who go through all the motions of an initial meeting, assessment, planning, and choosing the perfect team for you.

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